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  • V2P-II

    The V2P-II is NAV-TV’s Video to Power module. Whenever a video is present on either RCA, the attached red wire will output 12v (+). 

  • VSW-R

    The VSW-R, typically combined with a vehicle-specific NAV-TV integration module, allows the introduction of up to 3 different aftermarket cameras or other composite video sources into the factory LCD screen.

  • SteerBlue

    The NAV-TV SteerBlue interface gives you the ability to control your mobile Smartphone or Tablet from your factory steering wheel controls. 

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  • DIFF-CAM Switcher

    The NAV-TV DIFF-CAM Switcher is used to interrupt the OEM differential rear-cam video signals and input an aftermarket composite video source to the factory LCD screen, upon command.

  • VSW (Video Switcher)

    The NAV-TV VSW is a video switcher with a ‘pass through’ for factory differential video rear view cameras and two composite video inputs. 

  • MOST-H.U.R. MB (OPTI-1)

    NAV-TV’s OPTI-1 is a radio replacement interface for compatible Mercedes Benz vehicles equipped with an external M.O.S.T. fiber optic amplifier. 

  • S2P (Signal to Power)

    The S2P provides a 12v accessory source from multiple signal inputs. It can be triggered from a video signal, CAN/GMLAN signal and low voltage input. 

  • CAMERA 6

    High-quality universal top-mount rear camera with composite video output.


  • AVSW (AV Switcher)

    The AVSW adds 2 additional audio and video inputs to any factory radio with a single audio/video input, while retaining any currently connected A/V source. 

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  • 955 L-CAM

    Factory license plate light replacement camera with composite video output for select Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7 vehicles.