What do I connect to remaining the red/white wire for power? Can i just connect it back to the power source.

Also if the unit is left always on using the red/white wire will it disable any navigation functions such as the speed?

Update - 12/23/2020 - the tech team called me several times in about 48hrs when the unit was initially purchased back in 2018 to get my unit working. The guy helping was super knowledgeable and I was pretty sure he was either the manager or owner based on his level of determination and follow through. I was able to find that one of the wires for the speed control on the OEM G80 harness was not mapped over correctly on the NavTv unit (simple made in china error). After splicing the correct wire on the NavTv unit, it worked perfectly to allow full video function in motion. The voice command coming from the G80 such as Android Auto or even OEM Nav is muted when the NavTv is active. Sometimes the NavTv unit will confuse the android auto setting if your NavTv is set to be always on like mine is. If this is the case, just turn off your NavTv by double pressing the mute button before plugging in Android auto, afterwards you should be able to resume NavTv functions.

Overall I've been very happy with the NavTv unit the past 2years.
Edited 23.12.2020 3:22 AM