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  • BLIND-SPOT Camera kit

    BLIND-SPOT Cameras, also known as blinker/turn signal cameras mount beneath the factory exterior mirrors and are most commonly used in conjunction with NAV-TV SVS-6 or MULTI-CAM kits for viewing the user's 'blind spot' when a blinker is activated. 

    $199.99 $199.00
  • UConnect-RVC

    The UConnect-RVC interfaces a backup camera (with dynamic guidelines) and one optional front camera input to select Chrysler or Dodge vehicles equipped with the UConnect 8.4” or 4.3” infotainment screens (RB5, RE2: 8.4”, REB, RHA: 4.3”).

  • UCT84 R-CAM

    Allows video to be displayed while the vehicle is in motion and activates rear camera input on the new Chrysler uConnect 8.4” Touch screen equipped vehicles.

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