Bought Zen V kit860 for my golf with fender premium sound system. Set Dip switch 5 and 6 to ON. Connected positive, ground and remote wires to my Helix V Eight DSP/AMP's positive, ground and remote wires respectively. Took the MOST cable from VW fender amp and hooked it to Zen V. Took the Zen V's optical output to Helix dsp/amp's optical input. Sound from VW radio plays very low for approx 2 mins and then stops. Light on Zen V starts blinking red, blue and violet. Did I received a lemon. I recorded a youtube video in which the light lights up in red for about 2 min then it starts blinking in red, blue and violet. My VW radio works just fine without any issues. I went through the manual like 10 times I don't think I missed any step.