Any help would be greatly appreciated.
So I have a 2017 Ram 1500, Rebel Trim, that already had a rear view camera from the factor. I added a front view camera. I have the NavTV UConnect V2 Radio Unlock Interface, along with the additional camera of course. Everything on the mechanical side of the install went smooth.
Put everything back together, but I am stuck now with not being able to view my front view camera. There isn't a button on my Uconnect screen that allows me to access it. (Power isn't being sent to the camera even though everything is wired appropriately.) I already performed a CAN Data reset as well.

Is there an additional step needed to take in order to download or update my Uconnect interface to have this additional feature? I thought that's what the NavTV UConnect V2 Radio Unlock Interface was for??

Please advise…