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  • ZEN-A2B / DSP12A-A2B

    The ZEN-AUDIO DSP12A-A2B processor seamlessly converts 2018+ Ford factory A²B® (Automotive Audio Bus) to 12-channel analog RCA and TOSLink output.

  • ZEN-A2B

    The ZEN-A2B processor seamlessly converts 2017+ Ford factory A²B® to 12-channel analog RCA and TOSLink output.

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    The ZEN-M-PRG is an unlimited-use OBD2 programmer which activates amplifier on Mercedes vehicles that were not equipped with an amplifier from the factory.

  • ZEN-M

    The NAV-TV ZEN-M processor seamlessly converts late model Mercedes factory MOST-150 audio bus to 12-channel analog RCA and TOSLink output.


    Used ONLY for non amplified sound systems in order to use the ZEN-V. Will program Audi with MIB2, Porsche with PCM4.0 & PCM4.1 and Bentley with MIB2. Multi-use unit that may be used an unlimited times in multiple vehicles to both program the radio to accept the ZEN-V and to unprogram the infotainment system if the vehicle needs to return to stock. 

  • ZEN-V

    NAV-TV’s ZEN-V processor seamlessly converts the MOST-150 audio bus to low level (12 channel) RCA and TosLink output. This processor is compatible with Audi vehicles with the MIB2 infotainment system, Bentley with the MIB2 infotainment system and Porsche with either the PCM4.0 or PCM4.1 infotainment system. 

  • TOOKI-Bentley

    The TOOKI-Bentley by NAV-TV replaces the factory-equipped telephone module in select Bentley vehicles for hands-free telephone operation.

  • M650-GM

    NAV-TV’s M650-GM processor seamlessly converts GM’s MOST-50 audio bus to low level (6 channel) RCA, S/PDIF or TosLink outputs. This processor is compatible with IO3, IO4, IO5 and IO6 radio systems.

  • MOST-AUX for JAGUAR (w/ phone)

    The NAV-TV MOST-AUX for JAG is a M.O.S.T. fiber optic interface that introduces audio into select fiber-equipped Jaguar vehicles with no degradation in sound quality. 

  • AUD7+ Tuner Modification (service)

    This modification is used for select radios that have no option of adding an audio input with any available interface. This modification will add 2 pair of RCAs for 2 audio inputs, triggered via On/Off toggle switches (not included).