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  • BNT-Audio V2

    The BNT Audio Kit V2 allows the user to add 1 or 2 auxiliary audio inputs to the factory media systems in select Bentley vehicles.


    NAV-TV’s AVB-GM processor seamlessly converts GM’s AVB bus to low level (6 channel) analog RCAs.

  • ZEN-A2B / DSP12A-A2B

    The ZEN-AUDIO DSP12A-A2B processor seamlessly converts 2018+ Ford factory A²B® (Automotive Audio Bus) to 12-channel analog RCA and TOSLink output.


    The ZEN-M-PRG is an unlimited-use OBD2 programmer which activates amplifier on Mercedes vehicles that were not equipped with an amplifier from the factory.

  • ZEN-M

    The NAV-TV ZEN-M processor seamlessly converts late model Mercedes factory MOST-150 audio bus to 12-channel analog RCA and TOSLink output.


    Used ONLY for non amplified sound systems in order to use the ZEN-V. Will program Audi with MIB2, Porsche with PCM4.0 & PCM4.1 and Bentley with MIB2. Multi-use unit that may be used an unlimited times in multiple vehicles to both program the radio to accept the ZEN-V and to unprogram the infotainment system if the vehicle needs to return to stock. 

  • ZEN-V

    Enhance your driving experience with ZEN-V MOST-150 processor. Convert MOST-150 audio bus to low level RCA and TOSLINK outputs. Compatible with Audi, Bentley with MIB infotainment systems and Porsche with PCM4.0 - PCM5.2 infotainment systems.

  • TOOKI-Bentley

    The TOOKI-Bentley by NAV-TV replaces the factory-equipped telephone module in select Bentley vehicles for hands-free telephone operation.

  • M650-GM

    NAV-TV’s M650-GM processor seamlessly converts GM’s MOST-50 audio bus to low level (6 channel) RCA, S/PDIF or TosLink outputs. This processor is compatible with IO3, IO4, IO5 and IO6 radio systems.

  • MOST-AUX for JAGUAR (w/ phone)

    The NAV-TV MOST-AUX for JAG is a M.O.S.T. fiber optic interface that introduces audio into select fiber-equipped Jaguar vehicles with no degradation in sound quality.