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  • COD-F50

    The COD-F50 (Camera-On-Demand) kit allows Ford SuperDuty trucks equipped with OEM (5-camera system) surround view cameras to be displayed on demand, without lock-out restrictions.

  • W205-H

    The W205-H Kit interfaces a backup camera input (with active parking lines) and 1 front camera to the factory media screen in select 2014+ Mercedes vehicles with the new infotainment system.

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  • W204-H

    The W204-H RVC Kit interfaces two camera inputs to the factory media screen in select 2012+ Mercedes vehicles.

  • BLIND-SPOT Camera kit

    BLIND-SPOT Cameras, also known as blinker/turn signal cameras mount beneath the factory exterior mirrors and are most commonly used in conjunction with NAV-TV SVS-6 or MULTI-CAM kits for viewing the user's 'blind spot' when a blinker is activated. 

    $199.99 $199.00
  • RAM MULTI-CAM (obsolete)

    The RAM MULTI-CAM interfaces up to 5 cameras & 1 Auxiliary A/V source to the OEM RA4/RA3 8.4” uConnect media screen in 2013+ RAM vehicles. 

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  • StreamBlue

    StreamBlue is a super high-quality Bluetooth 4.0 audio streaming interface with the added ability to control your smart-device from your OEM steering wheel controls.


    Factory tailgate replacement handle camera with composite video output for 2013+ RAM vehicles. 


    The ALLSYNC-XG (w/ RSE) adds audio and video input, rear camera input, enables forcing of the rear camera (view camera in any gear) and video in motion on select Ford and Lincoln vehicles equipped with the factory SYNC radio. 

  • PCM3.1-AV 970

    The PCM3.1-AV 970 kit enables audio and video input and Video in Motion to select Porsche vehicles equipped with the PCM3.1 radio.