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  • VSW (Video Switcher)

    The NAV-TV VSW is a wired video switcher with a ‘pass through’  and 2 additional video inputs for integration with factory rear view cameras.

  • S2P (Signal to Power)

    The S2P provides a 12v accessory source from multiple signal inputs. It can be triggered from a video signal, CAN/GMLAN signal and low voltage/negative input. 

  • iPod AV Output cable

    Converts standard 30-pin iPod audio and video to standard composite outputs with charging. Not compatible with newer lightning IOS ports. 

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  • AVSW (AV Switcher)

    The AVSW adds 2 additional audio and video inputs to any factory radio with a single audio/video input, while retaining any currently connected A/V source. 

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