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  • NT3203

    Adds Video in Motion to select Toyota/Lexus vehicles.

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  • TVK-43

    Adds Video in Motion to select Nissan/Infiniti vehicles.

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    The Chry-RSE VIM adds Video in Motion to the 2017+ Chrysler Pacifica.  Installation is performed at the passenger side slider door area, behind the power outlet panel (CAN bank.)

  • G80-VIM

    The G80-VIM enables video in motion on the 2017 and Up Genesis G80. 

  • PCM4-VIM

    The PCM4-VIM enables video to play while in motion (passenger entertainment only) for the new Porsche PCM4.0-equipped infotainment radios.

  • VTC-RR17

    The VTC-RR17 adds Video in Motion to select 2017 and Up Land Rover vehicles equipped with the wide screen monitor.


    The AUDI 3G-VIM PRG enables video in motion for select AUDI vehicles equipped with 3G & 3G+ infotainment systems (typically equipped with navigation). 

  • W166-VIM

    The W166-VIM adds Video in Motion (DVD, SD and USB) to 2016 and Up Mercedes GLE vehicles. 

  • W222-VIM

    The W222-VIM adds Video in Motion and Navigation Control in Motion to the 2014+ Mercedes S-Class. 

  • Toyota/Scion VIM

    Enables Video in Motion for select Toyota/Scion vehicles.