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USA, Rest of World, Europe

In this world of instant, on-demand music, car makers seem to have either forgotten or intentionally chosen to ignore those of us who want the simplicity of inserting a disc into a drive and just listening to music.  Nav-TV now offers a simple solution to this problem.  Just plug this CD player into any available (factory-installed) USB port, insert a CD into the slot, select the USB/Aux source on the radio (though many radios will start playing as soon as they detect the CD) and enjoy your favorite music.  No other connections of any kind are required, and the CD player can be easily moved from one vehicle to another (but feel free to get one for each vehicle you own...)

This CD player will even work with most computers/notebooks that have no CD/DVD drive.

Note 1:  Some vehicles will display the names of the songs on the CD and allow you to change tracks using the radio's or steering wheel controls.  Other radios will only display track numbers instead of the names.

Note 2: To verify compatibility with a specific vehicle: Load 3 ".WAV" format music files onto a USB memory stick and plug it in to the factory USB input.  If it plays the songs without skipping, and gives you the ability to go to the next/previous track, then the CD Player will most likely work with that vehicle. 

Note 3: The maximum lenghth of an audio track is 30 minutes, so it may not be suitable for playing audiobooks.

 CD Player dimensions: 6x6x1.5

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USB CD PLAYER (v2) Compatibility Chart

Model Year Range Version Radio Notes
Any/Any 2000-2021 USA, Rest of World, Europe Any