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USA, Rest of World, Europe

The BlackVue DR750S-2CH Truck is the ideal solution if you’re looking to protect and secure your large commercial truck. What is unique about this package for commercial application is the weatherproof external mounted infrared rear camera, which will be installed at the back of your container. The camera’s rugged metal waterproof casing is built to withstand most weather conditions and works perfectly for commercial cube trucks, most of which have areas behind the cabs that are totally exposed to the elements.

The BlackVue DR750S-2CH Truck includes the GPS and WiFi-equipped DR750S front facing dash cam capable of capturing video at not just at full HD 1080p resolution, but also at 60 frames per second to ensure smooth recording.

The external rear camera connects to the front via a 49 ft (15m) high-quality waterproof coaxial video cable and allows monitoring of not only the road behind, but also during cargo loading and unloading operations. This will allow truck drivers to ensure they will be protected while expensive goods are transported in and out of the truck. This dash cam is ideal for trucks and trailers and has the ability to record a pristine image even over long distances.

The DR750S also has built-in WiFi and GPS, overlaying location and speed data in your video should you desire. The WiFi feature lets you connect your dash cams to your smartphone or tablet, giving you the ability to quickly make changes to settings, or download video footage off the cameras.

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BLACKVUE DR750S-2CH TRUCK Compatibility Chart

Model Year Range Version Radio Notes
Any/Any 2000-2019 USA, Rest of World, Europe Any