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USA, Rest of World, Europe

The UBER, LYFT and Taxi Dashcam of Reference Full HD Front (up to 60FPS) and Interior (up to 30FPS) Wide view angle front (139 degrees) and interior (145 degrees). The IR camera connects to the front camera via coaxial cable–available in 1.5m (4.9ft) and 6m (19.68ft) options. The Interior IR camera truly sees in the dark, even pitch-black lighting conditions, thanks to its integrated infrared LEDs that activate automatically based on the ambient light. Built-in GPS and Dual-band Wi-Fi The GPS adds location and speed data to your videos. Speed: speed data will be overlaid in the video (can be turned off in the settings). You can set speed display in Kilometers per hour (Km/h) or Miles per hour (Mph). Location: visualize your vehicle's location in the BlackVue App or Viewer's Map. SLEEK DESIGN AND CONTROLS Multifunction button and customizable proximity sensor BlackVue DR750’s stealthy design incorporates easy access to useful functions. Proximity sensor: toggle audio recording ON and OFF by simply waving your hand in front of it. The sensor can also be configured to trigger Manual Event videos in the settings. Wi-Fi button: turn Wi-Fi ON/OFF (short press), reset your Wi-Fi password (hold until voice prompt, then short press) or format the microSD card (hold until voice prompt, and then hold again). All actions are confirmed by a voice prompt. Keywords: dash cam, dash cams, dashboard camera, surveillance camera, Best dash cam, Dash cam for car

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BLACKVUE DR750S-2CH IR Compatibility Chart

Model Year Range Version Radio Notes
Any/Any 2000-2019 USA, Rest of World, Europe Any