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MBAV-IN Radio Modification (service)

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10.00 Lbs
USA, Rest of World, Europe

This modification is used for select radios that have no option of adding a video input (typically for reverse cam) with any available interface. This modification will add 3 video inputs, including one rear camera input, selectable by wire trigger (rev cam) or included toggle switch (video inputs). This mod does not have an aux audio input and requires the use of either the factory aux input (if equipped) or our Most Aux MB at an additional charge for audio integration. 

After receiving the RMR# (Radio/MOD/Repair) and filling out the RMR form (below), the unit must be packaged thoroughly and sent to NAV-TV to be modified at the board level, tested and sent back with the proper components. There is a 3-DAY turn-around for this process.  


NAV-TV will not take any responsibility for a radio that is shipped without adequate packing materials or insurance.

All CD's and DVD's must be removed from the radio before shipping to avoid damage to the radio.  If the radio requires a navigation disc to operate, please include it in a separate padded envelope.

Contact NAV-TV with questions on this process or for compatibility at 561-955-9770. 

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MBAV-IN Radio Modification (service) Compatibility Chart

Model Year Range Version Radio Notes
Mercedes-Benz/CLS 2005-2008 USA, Rest of World, Europe COMAND w211 Ship radio to NAV-TV
Mercedes-Benz/E-Class 2003-2008 USA COMAND w211 Ship radio to NAV-TV
Mercedes-Benz/SLK 2005-2008 USA, Rest of World, Europe COMAND w211 Ship radio to NAV-TV